Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My artistic mediums are watercolor, oil, mixed media, fabric, photography, poetry, and My Life!

I've applied my artist nature, education, and training to how I live each day. I live life as an artist.

This means that I am intentional about how I view my physical world, how I interact with it, the meaning I derive from these interactions, and finding beauty, visual interest, or visual irony in the ordinary. Being an artist to me means observing the material world in a unique and unbiased position. Look around! The blank canvas for our creativity is E V E R Y W H E R E.

I came about this philosophy naturally from my brilliant physician father who was also an artist, and in addition, I gleaned it from my design school education. Before design school, my first bachelor’s degree was in Anthropology. I believe that understanding human societies and cultures contributes to my understanding of the role of artists.

In design school, I learned how to find practical solutions and maximize creation while also making the art meaningful, beautiful, useful, or inspiring. This valuable education included living in Prague, studying illustration, shortly after it was freed from communism. Spectacular architecture, museums, and artistic culture were waiting for budding young artists and the free world to see, experience, and appreciate them.

Whatever I set about to do, it is an art experience because of what I seek to find through my senses and how I interact with my world, including my interior world of emotions, sensations, feelings, and connection to higher source energy. Intentionally being artful about my life makes it more fun and more purposeful. I try to approach all aspects of life as being "In Joy" so that I enjoy it. Everything I experience, see, and witness is part of my art story, my life story, each day. These methods are spiritual practices for me.

Later, I lived in Costa Rica, and then Mexico for months at a time, learning the Spanish language. I enjoyed the many riches of Spanish-speaking environments, staying with host families, and seeing art through the eyes of another culture.

Art is a way to explore my inner world and connect to divine source, express my feelings deeply, communicate abstract or concrete ideas to other people, and find out who I am.

My engaging passion is my work as a medium. I am a clairvoyant medium, life coach, teacher, and author. I can be found at

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